COMEBACK on May 14th- Rebirth team

Guys mark your calendar!!


2018-05-11 22.59.01

Hello lovely readers! So happy to announce we are coming back this Monday, that is May 14, with new chapters and more of JR’s vendetta, schemes & evil villains.

We’ve got amazing new translators who have decided to share this journey with us. Say hello to irisu-sanSamAtrey who have recently joined the team and and our very own shl, who will also be lending a helping hand.

Thanking everyone for their patience and incredible support. We feel the love 💝. See you all very soon!! 😘

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NEW Ancient Translation Project!!!


Stay tuned for this exciting ancient C-novel about ‘rebirth and revenge‘ !!


Happy New Year everyone!!! I am extremely pleased to present a new translation project to all of you called The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort (重生之嫡女祸妃), broughtto you by togekiss and edited by Anks! This is the first ancient series on our site so this release is really special to me!

Here are some words from togekiss, the wonderful translator bringing this novel to us:

hello- this is togekiss. C: /waves/

this is my first translation project so i hope that you can be with me through this learning experience.

i am blessed to have joined merakitranslations, a team that i believe can help this novel shine.

now, i shall introduce my primary editor, anks, who is the sun to my flowers and the honey to my lemon tea. this is her novel, as much as mine.

thank you to everyone who made this translation a reality and i look…

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